Studio Schedule Update and CLOSURE info.

Dear Friends and Clients,

As most of you know George and I are expecting the arrival of our third baby boy….turns out he is making an early entrance into the world and we are headed to the hospital this evening. We are excited and scared and everything that comes with this kind of life event.
The only unfortunate fact is, that with Martina’s departure to Slovakia and my absence, the studio will be closed until the 12th of January, 2015. This feels like a very long time without Pilates! I have populated the schedule for January and there are a few slots left in which to schedule lessons with Martina until my return. Please confirm or cancel scheduled lessons or classes via our website and Mindbody.
Also, After the holidays there have been a few requests for access to the studio for independent workouts. I would love to support anyone in making the effort to own there Pilates workouts and I am willing to schedule times through out our closure where clients can come together and work themselves out. We can schedule time in which I will come to the studio and supervise while you put into practice all you’ve learned. This situation best serves those clients who have been in both private and equipment classes for some time.
Lastly I would like to encourage all of you to take advantage of the online classes at They offer a free trial and a large inventory of online classes taught by skilled teachers. There are mat classes as well as equipment classes and all of the classes are taught with the understanding that these videos are intended only for those students who have studio experience and a deep understanding of the Pilates fundamentals. They are not intended for absolute beginners.
We will miss you all and wish you the happiest of Holidays! Keep your eyes on the Life Pilates Facebook page for pictures and announcements of our new little ones arrival as well as updates and scheduling for independent workouts.
Thanks and Love,

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