Parking Lot News

Hi All,

The Academy has begun the renovation of the roof and the balconies. This is going to create some chaos in the parking lots as the contractors will be blocking off different areas of the lot throughout the construction. Hang tight, this will take some time (at least 6 months). Please continue to look for parking in the visitor spaces, but should you have trouble please come and see us so we can be of assistance.

We are once again looking for a new trainer to take over evenings and weekends. I will keep you posted as we interview candidates, until a new hire is made the Saturday morning classes are canceled.

Summer is quickly approaching and we will be reshaping the schedule. If you have any requests or spacific scheduling needs please let us know so that we can keep them in mind as we work to accommodate everyone.

Again, Thank you for allowing us to be part of your wellness goals.

All our best in joy and health,

Katie, Martina and Sarah.

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