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From Katie: During my masters program at NYU Tisch school of the arts we were required to attend a daily floor bar class taught by Kathleen Stanford Grant. Having already thought of pursuing Pilates as my “day job” I had taken classes and was familiar with the Pilates repertoire. For the first three months in Kathys’ class I wondered what on earth we were doing. Quiet thoughtful movements, layered with imagery, didn’t look anything like what I thought of as Pilates. Then one day in our quiet meditations we were all doing the “Hundreds” without strain, correction or confusion. Kathy had built in the skills we needed to perform the Pilates repertoire. It was true genius at work and the revelation was, for me, the beginning of my Pilates journey. Having now been a certified teacher of the Pilates method for over 20 years I still felt the pull to dig deeper into Kathys’ work. This past year I completed the graduate level Heritage Training with Cara Reeser. Cara is the lineage holder of Kathy’s work and has honored the spirit of Kathy’s teaching since her days as Kathy’s student and protege. Cara has carefully and gracefully worked to share Kathy’s repertoire but also her intention as a somatic healer.

The Before the Hundreds work is biomechanically brilliant. It trains the nervous system, the rhythm of movement in the joints, structural awareness, pain management, breath, strength and range of motion all while demanding personal responsibility for what you feel rather than what you think you should be doing. This is a very special class and I am honored and resolved to teach it with commitment to Kathy’s legacy as well as the same joy and playfulness that Kathy and Cara embody. The before the hundreds class is recommended for any and all movers interested in better understanding their movement, how to better facilitate longevity for their movement, heal injuries, and how to build the toolbox for deepening your Pilates practice.

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All levels welcome! We will be working on Classical Mat Pilates flowing from one exercise in the next. There may be moments that we take time to work the details on a certain exercise but the main focus will be on flow. Demonstrations of the exercises and corrections will be provided during the class. This is a chance to become more confident in Mat Pilates and start to build on new-found strength.

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In this all levels mat class, you will explore the Pilates repertoire with a new found sense of understanding and connection using various Pilates small equipment (toys) such as the Magic Circle, various balls, resistance bands, lights weights, foam rollers, Yoga blocks, a simple hand towel and so much more! With the assistance or resistance provided by each chosen piece of equipment, your Pilates mat experience will be newly shaped as your proprioception is challenged, you are taken out of your comfort zone to find new successes and strengths, power and control that you never knew were in you the entire time.

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